Phone Dead, Beach Day

Phone Dead, Beach Day...

Be back someday.

If you're receiving this message, I have already exited the hum-drum of the everyday and stepped into my mental vacation of fantasy.

I set an alarm for someday. That is when I plan to return. Who is to say...that someday could be Monday, Wednesday, or perhaps Thursday.

Time, seconds, minutes have no place here, so I'm likely to miss the time measured events that compose the weekday.

Not to worry, in my pocket is a stowaway device that is designed to pull me back into the present reality you currently occupy.

Until then, I will relax unburdened by the smoggy, sticky paved, honks of the urban everyday. Scratchy metal, dragging feet, sour mixed with sweet smells from yesterday and the day before and the day before.

 Today, it's just me and the salty ocean foam soaking in the sand on this phone dead, beach day.

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