I'm a movement-based artist taking on the world through a curious lens.

I'm no stranger to swirling on the edge of impossible and swimming in the sea of the minority.

I curate bodies in flux-putting on and peeling off external stories that seep from internal narratives.

I’m a womanist, instigator, lover, sister, daughter. My work smells like delicious pomegranates and body sweat wrapped in fuzzy naked flesh and lacy garter belts.

I conjure non-fiction fantasies and super woman truths. I’m passionate about the capacity for performance to hone our focus. It ignites conversation, clarifies intention, and inspires change.

I see you, seeing me re-imagining how we see together...together, activating molecules that shape accountably, reshape thinking, and motivate progress. In a world of instant gratification, I’m curious about patience and wrestling with the uncomfortable. I wriggle in my Black female body, Southern belle Brooklynite consciousness, and hybrid dance aesthetic.

I’m happy to leave spaces drenched in racist rhetoric and historical erasure, yet hold a special place for biscuits, country ham, and collard greens.

Photo Credit: Bogliasco Foundation