...there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost”

— Martha Graham

[FILM] Sapphire / alien seed, southern clay

Sapphire moves through nature, pleasure, and mysticism...snaking between seconds, flirting with the seen and unseen, marrying metallic molecules and alchemist dreams.



Bread & Roses (New Jersey) - 2023
Experimental, Dance & Music Film Festival (Canada) - 2023
Portugal Indie Film Festival -  2024
Cine Paris Film Festival - 2024



Sapphire is a time traveling golden goddess moving through moments that police and celebrate the essence and experience of Black women in the United States. Told through an Afro-futuristic lens, this non-linear narrative displays humanity canvassed in an evolving constellation of identity. It pulsates through the objectified, the dehumanized, the powerful, and the magical. Sapphire is a reflection to see you and see through you...a vessel of celestial intimacy, love, ferocity, grief, and audacity.


Sapphire was developed, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC); Movement Research Artist in Residence Program; Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship; Dancing While Black Fellowship; Gibney Work Up program, and Actors Fund Summer Push Grant.  

Rubble Phoenix

This dance work, in collaboration with visual artist Ian Trask, emerged during a residency at Marble House Project. Each spore represents a compacted collection of discarded material. This work is a conversation, a transformation, an unknown evolution of sorts. Not sure if we’re witnessing the end or a new beginning. 


Rubble Phoenix was developed with support from  Marble House Project Residency.

Taming the Amazon

Taming the Amazon is a movement conversation between myself and Brianna Taylor about female politics, power, race, and history. It is big and badass, not to mention thoughtfully modest. It is a collision of fairy tales, chanting sheroes, and talking tarts. We push against the veneer of respectability and usurp the intelligibility of dance with a thoroughbred academic distrust...think country cooking with a butter substitute.  Our Aries fires burn bright...converging, separating, and meandering to build, deconstruct, orchestrate, and facilitate. We tether landscapes in movement, song, artifacts, music, and history...a mycelium of Southern country, New York girt, and Scandinavian roots. 

Performing Okay

Performing Okay is a solo that conjures a curious contradiction of meaning, quality, and intention. One colloquial phrase "I'm Okay" sits simultaneously within competing narratives to find truths my body is accustomed to hiding.


Performing Okay was created, in part, through support by New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks Residency, and Gibney Dance Boo Koo Grant